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Arkansas Pine Bluff

December 2nd, 2015

How many of us have been to Pine Bluff, Arkansas? Today's geography's lesson begins today's blog.

Pine Bluff is the largest city in Jefferson County. Population 49,000. It is the 9th largest city in Arkansas. Lots of farmland and home to the largest bayou in the world. Leading farm products include cotton and soybeans, not to mention catfish. Large number of paper mills give Pine Bluff a distinctive odor.

Not so positive, in 2009, it was ranked as the most dangerous metropolitan area in the US and Forbes as listed it as one the ten poorest cities in the US. The good news, as of 2014, it is no longer listed in the top ten deadliest cities in the US.

The University is the second oldest public educational institutions in Arkansas, and the oldest with a Afro-American heritage.

Notable people from Pine Bluff include basketball player Joe Barry Carroll, Mike Huckabee, and Clark Terry.

The basketball team is currently 2-5. Unlike Hawaii, who played its only road non-conference game last week, Pine Bluff will play 16 road games ( out of 18 games) to start the season. And many are body bag games. They have already played at Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Nebraska, and now Hawaii, with upcoming road games at Virginia Tech, Iowa State, Texas Tech and Missouri. They have a 2 point win over SE Louisiana and Seattle University.

They are led by leading scorer JoVaughn Love ( 11.7 ppg) and Ghiavonni Robinson(9.4ppg). They do not shoot well ( 37%), and 30% from three and have out rebounded by 13 rebounds per game. They are averaging only 56 points per game while giving up 77, but much of this can be attributed to the level of competition.

For the Bows, they have three games they should win easily after suffering their first loss. Last year, they beat this team by 28 points and I would be surprised if they don't come close to matching that tonight. Valdes had 28 points in that game. Hawaii will look to improve in two major areas. free throw shooting and interior defense. Even in the four wins, these have been trouble spots.


Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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  1. islandman:

    UH Wahine RPI is currently 213, so better to play "pastries" and Win like UH Men's team whose RPI is 54.

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