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Calm Before The Storm

December 9th, 2015

Last nights easy win over Hilo and Saturday's game against HPU prove very little about where this team stands once it starts to play the " big boys". Frankly, the jury is still out on how good this team is. The one point win against Nevada and the loss to Texas Tech, the two best teams UH has played to date ( and frankly neither is all that good), have to be compared to the blow-out wins against the lesser opponents.

Last night, Aaron played a dominating game on both ends. Fleming continued his improving play, and Filipovic showed he could provide some solid minutes in relief of a poor performance by Bobbitt. Speaking of Bobbitt, his body language last night as well as his towel over the head attitude, was a major disappointment in a player who up to last night had begun to show some needed maturity. Hopefully it was a one game aberration as it reflected poorly on him and is something that Eran has to stop quickly.

Some things are becoming pretty obvious. One, this team really struggles at the line ( 60%). If it doesn't get up over 65% ( nothing to write home about), it will cost the Bows a win or two. Second, although he plays hard at both ends of the court, and has a strong move to the hoop, Quincy Smith is a very poor shooting " shooting" guard. It is almost painful to watch him try to score from outside the paint and , and when you add his poor free throw shooting into the mix, I wouldn't be surprised to see Fleming move into that starting spot. And the team has to improve its interior defense.

Mike Thomas continues to provide some solid minutes and gives this team a little bulk in the paint.  Jankovic didn't play last night, and he is still trying to figure out where he fits in the offensive schemes. Sai Tummala has been hot and cold. What the team needs from him is consistency.

No one really can be surprised by the teams 6-1 record. They won all the games they were supposed to, and lost the one game they could have won . After Saturday, and except for two more cupcakes right after the Diamond Head, the going gets much tougher. They will open the Classic with Northern Iowa, who beat North Carolina earlier this year. UNI is not the team they were last year, and Carolina was missing their all-American point guard Marcus Paige in that game, but that was a signature win. And if UH is fortunate to beat UNI, next up is Oklahoma who just crushed Villanova at Pearl harbor and is a top 5 team in my opinion.

This team has a chance to do some very good things. The league has shown there is no one dominating team. Irvine is not a lock to win the league. The league has had some solid wins against some " name" opponents, but overall has struggled out of conference. Irvine, Long Beach and Santa Barbara have played some tough opponents in tough places, so it hard to compare their records to UH. But the Bows have many of the pieces necessary to successfully compete in the league, but will have to fix some things going forward. We will all have a better idea where UH stands after Santa leaves on the 25th.

happy Hanukkah.

Jeff Portnoy is a member of the UH Board of Regents. The views expressed here are his and do not reflect those of the board.

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2 Responses to “Calm Before The Storm”

  1. islandman:

    UH Men's RPI is 70 on Dec. 8; Wahine RPI is 179 at Dec. 10. Texas Tech RPI is 5, Nevada 112 . How do you account for the difference between the men's and the Wahine RPI's ?


  2. islandman:

    Men's RPI is 61 as of Dec. 14, the highest rank of the Big West teams, UC Irvine is at 77.

    Why is Roy Williiams held in high regard when the program that he leads is allegedly involved with academic fraud ? This is far more serious than the charges against Gib, except for Gib's allegedly providing false information to the NCAA.

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